Until He Comes...


The first 15% of all gifts given will fund mission outreach efforts in Clinton and around the world. The Until He Comes… campaign is committed to the grand finale goal of eliminating our remaining debt, and in doing so we are trusting God to allow for two additional goals.

With the commitment of our people and the provision of our great God, we are confident in this effort and faithful of its completion. God has allowed for so many blessings to be bestowed on our church and especially the people it impacts daily, and we have not ignored this.

With this campaign, we have the opportunity to finish what we started over a decade ago and move into the plans He has for our facilities in the future. Visioneering Studios has helped us to virtually see this plan, and we are excited to begin work on making it a reality.

The Until He Comes… campaign will conclude on Celebration Sunday, May 6. It is then that we will announce the total campaign pledges. Giving to the Until He Comes… campaign will begin thereafter.


Bronze - $5 Million

Reaching this goal will allow us to:

  • Retire by 2021 what remains of our mortgage debt on our property on Hampstead Boulevard.
  • Direct 15% of every dollar to fuel a missions strategy greater than any we have ever attempted. Locally, across North America, and around the world, we are hands-on in more places than ever before.
  • Restore our Capital Needs Reserve to a financially strong position.
 Silver - $6.5 Million

Reaching this goal will allow us to:

  • Potentially move forward on the first step of our master plan suggested by Visioneering Studios.
  • Remodel our ground-floor educational space for easier access and greater flexibility for a variety of groups.
 Gold - $8 Million

Reaching this goal will allow us to: 

  • Remodel our Student Building and other areas that need some attention (particularly needed is an elevator for handicapped students).



Join us as we give praise unto God for His miraculous works. He has shown Himself faithful for 60 years at Morrison Heights. We will reflect and look forward to what is still to come! This Sunday, we will officially launch our Until He Comes… campaign gifts for the three-year giving period.


1. Why another campaign?

The church hopes to retire all of the remaining 2007 mortgage debt. We continue to fund a marvelous, growing missions strategy, and there are several exciting ideas being developed to make use of our undeveloped property. 

2. How many more campaigns will we do?

No one knows the answer to that question, but we have great dreams for our undeveloped property and our missions efforts continue to impact the world. 

3. How can children and teens be involved in this campaign?

In any way they desire as encouraged by their parents. Some have taken on projects to provide funds in the past, pledged out of their allowances, or pledged out of their employment opportunities. 

4. Can I give something other than money in this campaign?

Absolutely. Our Church Administrator, Billy Allen, would love to talk to you about the possibilities here. People have given real property, automobiles, stocks, collections of various kinds, and much more. Recent stock gains given as contributions can be highly advantageous to some families. Essentially, anything that has value can be donated to the campaign. This area has real potential to benefit the kingdom efforts of the church. 

5. How much are the ideas and concepts from Visioneering Studios expected to cost? When might we start construction on those ideas? 

The church owns 45+ acres to our north that we asked Visioneering Studios to help provide us a master plan. At present, that plan is merely a compilation of ideas that the church has yet to approve. But the 4-month masterplanning process revealed some real needs in our current educational buildings that we hope this campaign can address. If we pledge our second goal ($6.5M), it is believed that we would have the funds to move forward on new and remodeled space on our ground floor that would alleviate several problems with larger rooms and allow better access for senior adults and more. Pending a successful campaign, the church would have the option to consider proceeding. 

6. What would happen if we pledge our top goal of $8M?

 If God provides these funds, we could undertake some light remodeling of our Student Building, including adding an elevator. We have students for whom it is currently impossible to access the classrooms upstairs. Additionally, the Student Building is now 10 years old and is the most heavily used building we own. Wear and tear along with better sound and lighting would be addressed. This building houses the ministries of our church where the gospel finds its most fertile reception. We hope to continue to keep the building serving these groups with the strongest tools possible.