The Americas

Strategic partnerships across North and South America which allows us to assist in mission work and church planting movements. The use of short term mission trips are used to build relationships and support the ongoing work of missionaries in these areas.


LAS VEGAS, NV | Multiple Trips

Safely Home Refugee Ministry | Cynthia Martin

Women’s Prayer Walking | Monthly

BYBS for Refugee Children | June

Tropicana Christian Fellowship | Tom Martin

Prayer Garden Construction | Apr


LAMAR, CO | Paul Floyd | CLICK HERE to learn about what's going on in Colorado!

Backyard Bible School | Spring

New Building Renovation | Summer


SALT LAKE CITY, UT | Brad Dorman

Evangelism, Survey & Canvas | July


WHITE ROCK, B.C. | Multiple Trips

Jeff Lowery & Earl Grisaffe

Cornerstone Church Plant | Jun, Sept, Nov


SAN RAMON, PERU | Jack Santos

BYBS @ Chincana & Primavera | June


CUSCO, PERU | Jeremy Escobar

Orphanage Renovation | June - Dec

BYBS @ Elim Orphanage | Sept



For years, the West Coast Baptist Association of Canada has been praying for a church plant in White Rock, British Columbia-- a city of almost 20,000 with not one Baptist church affiliated with the Association. Years ago, Morrison Heights was asked by the North American Mission Board's -Send North America-Vancouver  city coordinator to consider praying that God would raise up a church plant pastor for the city who would partner with a church planter to establish a church in the area.

Several  vision teams from MHBC visited  White Rock and spent days praying, witnessing, and talking to individuals about the city.  Many connections were made, and God began blessing our time and efforts in Canada.

In July 2014, MHBC members, Earl and Meridith Grisaffe, answered God's call on their lives to move from Clinton, MS, to White Rock, B.C. to partner with NAMB's church planting movement in White Rock. MHBC is excited to see God's work in Canada and thankful for the work he's done thus far!


 Cusco, Peru has been an area of mission work for MHBC for several years.  Working with Elim orphanage, volunteers have the opportunity to lead in Backyard Bible Clubs, experience market evangelism, and help with children at the orphanage on a regular basis.  With two trips planned annually, volunteers can choose which time of year is best for them to travel.  Mission teams stay in the orphanage while there, providing an opportunity to see and experience these children in Elim orphanage, the place they call home.


San Ramon, Peru, is located in the Amazon jungle northeast of the capital, Lima.  Here, MHBC provides financial assistance to a local pastor as he ministers to his congregation. Iglesia Nazareth in San Ramon, planted this church, along with five others in the Amazon, so local Peruvian might hear the gospel and gather to worship.  


Haiti has provided many MHBC members opportunities to minister to those effected by the destruction and devastation of natural disasters since 2010.  Weeks after experiencing one of the worst earthquakes in the island’s history, MHBC sent disaster relief teams to help with humanitarian aid efforts in Port-au-Prince and its surrounding areas.  Since then, teams have continued to travel there working with local orphanages, churches, and other ministries to help provide clean water, food, and other items


 Azat people are very special to the MHBC family.  Adopting this Unreached, Unengaged People Group (UUPG) two years ago, MHBC is attempting to take the gospel to Central Asia to those who have never heard.  As a part of this effort, we are also attempting to find local Azat people who live in major metropolitan areas in the United States.  Short-term mission trips are formed in an effort to locate this UUPG in places like Chicago, New York, Seattle and other highly populated cities. 


Church Planting projects throughout the United States are a high priority to the North American Mission Board (NAMB).  MHBC is attempting to partner with church plant projects and pastors in strategic areas by helping to provide short-term mission teams and finances for special projects targeting the lost in these areas.  Conversation about potential work in Baltimore and Colorado is currently taking place with Vision Trips planned in 2015 for both areas.