Making a Difference in Our Communities and Throughout Mississippi


SRV ‘18 | July 8, 15, 22, & 29 Signup Here to Participate

Tutoring Young Children | Weekly | Mon at 4:30 PM 

Teach Local Elementary Children Basics & Help with Homework

Adult Literacy Training Weekly | Tues at 9:00 AM

Help Adults Learn to Read

ESL Weekly | Tues at 6:30 PM

SECOND HARVEST Weekly | Mon at 6:00 PM & Wed at 10:00 AM

Teach Small Group Life Classes at Second Harvest on the following topics:

Home, Finance, Health, & Job Skills

SOUL CITY CHURCH | Multiple Trips

Ministry House & New Worship Facility Renovations


The Second Harvest benevolence ministry offers the love and compassion that Jesus spoke of in Matthew 15:32 to more than 1000 families every month  Each family comes to our ministry with physical and spiritual needs. Our caring volunteers extend the compassion of Jesus as they listen to their hearts, pray with them, and share the Gospel as the Spirit directs.  Each family leaves with bags of groceries and clothing and the assurance that they are loved.

Over the past year God has allowed Second Harvest Ministry to provide food, clothing, prayer, and encouragement to an average of 1,187 clients each month and we  are praising God that 54 clients have prayed to receive Christ as Lord and Savior!

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English as a Second Language (ESL) is a ministry to help those who have moved to the Clinton area from other countries begin to learn English.  Because our teachers use the Bible and other spiritual literature to teach, these students are exposed to the gospel weekly.  ESL needs volunteers to help teach children and adults as well as individuals to help with childcare.  ESL meets at the MHBC Missions & Ministry Campus, 201 Morrison Drive, each Tuesday night at 6:30 at our Morrison Drive Campus.


Adult Reading and Writing (ARW) helps adults who have who never learned how to read as well as those those who need help to improve their reading skills. Scripture and prayer are a part of every lesson. Each participant is assigned a teacher, and they meet at a time assigned by the teacher.  ARW needs volunteers who are willing to meet with one participant for one and one half hour weekly.   


TCY is a tutoring ministry that helps children and youth with reading and math. Prayer and scripture are used each week during the sessions. TCY needs volunteers who are devoted to demonstrating Christ's love while meeting academic needs. TCY tutoring meets each Monday afternoon from 4:30-6:00 at the MHBC Missions & Ministry Campus. 


Southside Baptist Church, located in south Jackson, has been a partner with MHBC for several years.  They are located in an area of Jackson that provides many ministry opportunities.  MHBC provides ongoing assistance by providing brown bag lunches for the homeless each month.  Those who help with this ministry bring their brown bag lunches to the Missions Kiosk the first Sunday of each month.  Those lunches are delivered to Southside on Monday morning by one of our volunteers, and the lunches are passed out throughout the month. 

MHBC also hosts a satellite location for Second Harvest at Southside’s facility.  This ministry provides groceries for families as well as personal counseling and prayer the first and third Thursday night of each month. 


Awesome Wonders Independent Living is a ministry in South Jackson that provides long term housing for individuals who have no home.  Many of their residents are discharged from the MS State Hospital and provided a safe place to live and three meals each day.  While there, residents participate in church services each week and also have the opportunity to find employment either through this ministry or by obtaining jobs elsewhere.  As a partner of this ministry, MHBC provides food, clothing, and linens as needed to help defray the cost of their monthly expenses.  Items such as furniture, televisions, and other household items are also provided as they become available