Weekly Life Groups

  • Core Focus: Discipleship
  • Summary: Life groups explore a variety of biblical topics as we seek to learn from one another and with one another.

Why join a life group?

Jared Walters Final from Morrison Heights Baptist Church on Vimeo.


The call to which Jesus commissioned his disciples at the end of Matthew is one of making disciples. We understand this to mean not just making more disciples or converts, but urging one another on in faith and helping them to grow in the grace given to us. Members of our life groups aim to be grace-lovers, and as such, make every effort to foster environments where anyone—from the skeptic to Christians of all spiritual "ages"—will feel welcome. Groups of 4-12 people typically meet in homes or at the church at various times throughout the week to explore a wide variety of biblical topics, books of the Bible, and more.  






To learn more about ongoing or upcoming life groups, email Jeff Lowery at