Our Ministry 

The goal of the MHBC Student Ministry is to be a Great Commission centered student community. We work to be a ministry that makes disciples through the saving knowledge of Christ, baptizes young people, and helps them grow in their faith and love of the Lord. We also aim to walk with parents as they minister to and lead their students. Ultimately, we want students to be empowered and equipped to be leaders that impact the world around them for Christ. 


Our Staff

Clay Norton  //  Interim Youth Coordinator

  • 601.925.6449

Matt Atkinson  //  Praise Band Leader

Matt is a graphic design major in his junior year at Mississippi College who loves ministering to you guys **almost as much? more than?** the stars of yogurt commercials love their precious, semi-solid dairy snacks.  Matt believes that everyone has the capacity to do great things for the Lord and strives to see students' potential realized.  He's keen on witty wordplay (hence the alliteration), board games, and trending tech.  If you spot him off stage in his natural habitat, he'll more than likely have a camera in his hands and a guitar strapped across his shoulders.  

John Rainey // Audio-Visual Assistant (a.k.a. Student Tech Wünderkind)

Bio beans getting spilled soon!

Jessica Tillotson // Student Ministry Assistant

Jeff is a male.  Jeff is 26.  Jeff has a wife.  Jeff has 2 dogs. Jeff has a high school diploma, a college degree, & a seminary degree.  Jeff is eager to serve students alongside Garon, Matt, and John. These are all facts about Jeff presented by Jeff.