What is Discipleship?

A disciple is a follower. A learner. Our job as Christ’s body—the church—is to be disciples and to make disciples. Discipleship means following and obeying Jesus and leading others to do the same.

The process of discipleship is nothing new. Jesus began changing lives long ago. The Morrison Heights discipleship process is our attempt to continue Jesus’ mission by walking together through the experiences that result in spiritual maturity and life change.

The Discipleship Summer Workshops 

Current Discipleship Workshops: Explore the groups here

The purpose of the Discipleship Workshops is to guide Christians through the experiences and relationships that build spiritual maturity.

The courses include:

The Pastor's Bible Study

Dr. Greg will continue to lead our Sunday evening worship service in the worship center.

Just Open the Door (Women's Ministry)- Sign Up Here


The Gospel of Mark (Women's Ministry)- Sign Up Here


First Place 4 Health: Fit & Healthy Summer - Sign Up Here


Reclaiming the Real Jesus: A Study of Jesus' Humanity taught by Ivan Parke- Sign Up Here


Titus Precept Study (Women's Ministry)- Sign Up Here


 As we grow, look for more tracks and courses like Theological Foundations, Leadership Development, and more.