Proclaiming the greatness of God through Jesus Christ as the eternal hope of all peoples. 

As Christ followers, our great God has transformed us by His work in our lives. As a community, our church is shaped by core values that guide us as we proclaim His hope for all the world. 

Personal Faith in Jesus Christ

In Jesus alone our lives find joy and purpose. By looking to the work of Christ for forgiveness and salvation, we find hope for this life and for eternity.

Authority and Sufficiency of the Bible

Authored by God himself, the Bible is unlike any other book. God’s Word speaks with authority in our lives and reveals the essential nature and character of both God and man.

A Christ-Transformed Life

Through faith in Christ, we are rescued from the power of sin and given new life. Through the presence of his Spirit in us, we grow more and more in his image.

Biblical, Grace-Filled Relationships

God created us to live in relationship with Him and others. It is through relationships that we love God and we love others. 

Worldwide Worship of Christ

That all the world will worship Him, the mission of Jesus Christ himself directs our work as we proclaim Him among all peoples.

The Elders position on Same Sex Marriage

Position on same sex marriage