Servant leadership at Morrison Heights


Our church practices congregational rule served by elder leadership. The elder body is comprised of 7 elders: the pastor who serves as chief elder and six laymen, elected by the church. Elders are elected to serve a 6-year term with the terms staggered so that only one man rotates off each year.


Responsibilities of elders:

  • Providing vision and direction while exercising watchcare over the church.
  • Providing spiritual guidance, teaching, and the equipping of members for the work of ministry.
  • Providing leadership and counsel from the Scripture and demonstrating consistent study and teaching of the Scripture.
  • Exercising pastoral care over the congregation.
  • Providing the pastor with accountability, guidance, and support.
  • Providing direction, through the pastor, for all employed staff of the church.
  • Developing and maintaining, through the pastor and staff, all bylaws and policies of the church.


Our Elders:

Tommy Ash

Ken Dillard

Richard Gill

Randy Mascagni

Percy Thornton

Rick White


Our deacons serve the spiritual and material needs of the church family wherever possible. These men are examined according to the scriptural qualifications in 1 Timothy and Titus and serve gladly and at the sacrifice of their personal time and energy. We are blessed to have so many quality men serving in this way.

Deacons are elected by the church each year in the fall to begin serving a 3-year term the following January. Our church has more than 50 men serving currently as active deacons through 5 Ministry Teams.

  • Hospital visitation
  • Sunday visitation
  • Homebound
  • New Members
  • Widows/widowers/bereavement

Deacon Officers:

Chairman — Kurt Forster

Vice-Chairman — John Murphy

Secretary — Danny Davis